“…a gorgeous thing to behold.”  —PC Gamer

New for MS-DOS!

The player character steps out onto a mountain summit. The mountain is made of red rock, steeped in heavy shadows. The sky overhead is a bright green, fading to a darker green, and then to black, as it recedes upward. Far in the distance, beyond what appears to be a black void, lies another landmass where sits a large city with tall gray towering buildings.

In a dark world somewhere between dream and nightmare you find yourself alone, cold, and without memory of where you came from. A silver locket at your feet.

A graphical horror adventure game from the demented mind of the Lobdegg, The Aching is a horror adventure game in an unsettling other world where you must find the answers to three burning questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you?
  • What is the significance of this locket?

The player character approaches a large gray monolithic building. The front facade features tall columns and a colorful stained glass window. The building itself appears to have a sheen to it, reflecting gray and red light.Filled to the brim with gruesome scenes, creepy close-ups, and tricky puzzles that will make your skin crawl, the world of The Aching is beautifully rendered in 16-color graphics designed for Tandy 1000 series computers. Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as the sullen sounds of forgotten nightmares lap from the Tandy 3-voice sound chip!

Join us on a trip of discovery into the dark realms of The Aching.


System specifications

The Aching runs well in DOSBox-based emulators on any system (Linux/macOS/Windows). If running on real DOS hardware, the system requirements are:

  • Any 8086 (or higher) IBM-compatible PC, running at 10 MHz or faster
  • MS-DOS (or compatible operating system) or Windows 95/98
  • 384KB of RAM
  • Tandy 16-color (TGA), or EGA 16-color graphics
  • Optional: Tandy 3-voice sound, Roland MT-32 MIDI modules

Screenshot gallery