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Acronia      by Clarissa Toney
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New for MS-DOS!

Think fast and shoot faster in this state of the art, side-scrolling run 'n' gun! As agents of defense contractor Acronia, you must escape a horde of marauding mutants as they rip and tear apart all living things in sight. Starring five unique player characters, each with their own trademark weapons and special abilities, Acronia will surely push your reflexes to their limits as you dip, duck, dive, dodge, and destroy your way through three episodes of brutal carnage.

Following the spirit of DOS action platformers of old, Acronia features rich 256-color VGA graphics, a tantalizing story, twitchy action, nasty monsters, squishy sounds, and a rocking soundtrack with separate versions for Adlib- compatible cards and MIDI devices!

Watch this space for news as we approach our release date, including plans for DOS-era style physical big box prints containing manuals, floppy disks, and a variety of “feelies.”

Modding tools will also be released so that registered owners can create their own exciting content!

Also available in digital formats for modern Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Acronia logo System specifications

Acronia runs well in DOSBox-based emulators on any system (Linux/macOS/Windows). If running on real DOS hardware, the system requirements are:

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