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Meet the ragtag group of weirdos responsible for this bizarre little company made of dinosaurs and rainbows!

Clarissa Toney (she/her) Clarissa Toney

Founder • Lead designer • Programmer

Video game inspirations: Doom (1993), Prince of Persia (1989), Commander Keen series, Final Fantasy VII, Giana Sisters 2D

From her beginnings writing simple programs on her family’s first computer (a secondhand TRS-80), to the QBasic scene in the late 1990s, and into the present day, Clarissa’s best, brightest dream has always been to make and publish a video game.

Inspired by her favorite shooters, platformers, and RPGs, she spent her child and teen years teaching herself to program by writing simple games. When her vision exceeded her skills, she drew maps, wrote stories, drew box art, and wrote manuals for those games that couldn’t yet exist. Some of those early projects exist in one form or another to this day, and are the seeds of several of Hadrosaurus Software’s upcoming game projects.

Although a graphic designer for newspapers by trade, Clarissa is a self-taught programmer, artist, game designer, writer, and sometimes musician. As the founder and “boss lady” of Hadrosaurus Software, she is responsible for honing and enabling its mission of making great games, fostering a healthy and positive indie gaming community, and helping uplift other indie developers. She’s pretty great, but she couldn’t possibly pull it off without her small—but plucky and equally passionate—team of dweebs.

the Lobdegg the Lobdegg (they/them)

Programmer • Designer • Project manager

(aka the Tamsin)

Video game inspirations: Sierra On-Line adventure games, Simtex, The Longest Journey trilogy, Ken Silverman, Unreal

The Lobdegg was discovered under the office couch shortly after moving in, once and for all answering the question of what happens when you leave a slice of pizza on the floor unmonitored for 36 years. Apparently they were left near a word processor and learned how to program through a mixture of osmosis and late night public television.

Being the undoubtedly cultured bacteriophage, the Lobdegg was then exposed to a wide variety of films, television programs, and computer entertainment software in a protracted series of experiments to see if a colony lifeform could surpass the cognitive capacity of the average sitting senator. Deemed an astounding success (the proctors had very low expectations), they were placed on the top shelf of a bookcase filled with big box PC games and promptly forgotten until Hadrosaurus Software agreed to remove them from the premises.

Now they develop tools and complaints for the team in their pursuit of creating the best darn 8-, 16-, and 32-bit software this side of the Appalachian Trail.

Website: the Lobdegg

Lucy Llewellyn Lucy Llewellyn (she/her)

Cross-platform engineer • Game designer

Video game inspirations: Colossal Adventure, Myst, Zork: Grand Inquisitor, Blade Runner, Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation

Born in the early 1980s, Lucy has experienced the movies Tron and Tron: Legacy for herself. Although, unlike the movies where the computer absorbed Flynn with a powerful laser, Lucy gradually got absorbed through extended exposure. By the time anyone realised what was happening, she had been completely digitised. Now there is zero chance of getting her away from any digital technology. She’s now even more integrated than the Queen, Locutus, or Seven of Nine.

Lucy’s gaming origins began with a demonstration copy of Colossal Adventure for the PC in the mid-’80s when she was just a wee girlie. One of Lucy’s strongest memories of gaming back then is when a few friends brought their desktop PCs over at the same time (one friend used a wheelbarrow for transport!) and they all set up a Doom LAN party. She’ll never forget the fear she felt when someone picked up the chainsaw and she could hear it out of her friend’s speakers. Needless to say, she ran for her life with that Shift key held down as hard as she could press it!

Lucy is a hardened Linux user, having been in the world of terminals since the age of 16. She’s an expert in cross-platform development and distribution, with knowledge of macOS and Windows in addition to Linux. She also has extensive experience with programming and is a recognised expert in a number of fields. With multiple technology conference speaking engagements under her belt, she plans to do many more. She also loves continuous integration and automation wherever she can find a use for it.

Web: lucyllewy.com

Anneliese Moss Anneliese Moss (she/her)

Community manager

Video game inspirations: Super Metroid, Final Fantasy (I), Quake, Street Fighter II, Wipeout XL

Anneliese Moss (born [?]) is our community manager. Hailing from a deeply nerdy existance somewhere in the Southlands, Anneliese is a jack of all trades and a master of several, with passions that include writing, retro gaming, ’80s and ’90s music and pop culture, baseball, lingustics, gardening, beekeeping, old computers, being witty on the internet, and more.

Anneliese has become a favorite among both the Hadrosaurus Software team and our fans, due to applying her nerdy passions and sardonic wit into the site’s community updates, and in writing this bio.

Since joining Hadrosaurus Software, Anneliese has completed numerous tasks for the company, including being late to meetings, drinking way too much coffee while writing, and proclaiming "Annie Is Off Days" when there is a long stretch of work days. She also currently guides and writes the Community Update posts for our Patreon, writes Mastodon posts to our official Mastodon, and streams prototype/snapshot builds of our games.

Anneliese Moss is portrayed by Marvel Frozen from Aura Battler Dunbine.

Website: Retronianne.com

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